Month: October 2023

3rd Photogrammetry Workshop (in Chidea) and Transnational Project Meeting

As part of the SNAP+ – Photogrammetry Aided Surveying in Heritage Management project, the 3rd Photogrammetry Workshop (in Chidea) and the Transnational Project Meeting took place in Cluj-Napoca (Romania) between 01 and 03 October, at the premises of host partner Tektum Architectural Studio (RO). The main aim of this meeting was to evaluate the work […]

What drives Economic Behaviour?

As part of her visit to UPT, Prof. Larissa Batrancea, a member of the REMIT External Monitoring Committee, presented a seminar to the researchers on 20 September entitled: “What Drives Economic Behaviour? Brain Matters, Cutting-Edge Technology and Paramount Insights from Tax Behaviour and Cognitive Neuroscience”.

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