Research on Economics, Management

and Information Technologies

Founded in 2017, REMIT – Research on Economics, Management and Information Technologies is a research unit of  Portucalense University. Based on a multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary perspective it aims at responding to social challenges through a holistic approach involving a wide range of scientific fields such as Economics, Management, Science, Technology, Tourism, Heritage and Culture.
Grounded on the production of advanced scientific knowledge, REMIT has a special focus on its application to the resolution of real issues and challenges, having as strategic orientations:

  • the understanding of local, national and international environment;
  • the development of activities oriented to professional practice, namely in the business world.

The scientific production of the researchers of REMIT is significant and can be found here

REMIT adopts the Code of Conduct for Researchers of


  • Performing advanced international and comparative research both fundamental and applied
  • framed by a sustainable development approach on economic, technological, social and cultural topics
  • interacting with the players on the field: academia, business arena, governmental entities, …
  • coupled with publishing and training
  • oriented to the creation of economic and social value for local communities and society in general
  • aiming to produce and disseminate original scientific knowledge about changes/societal challenges, with a focus on business and territories

Research Groups

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