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Most empirical studies on internationalization focus their attention on the determinants of internationalization and, more specifically, on its relationship with the successful failure of internationalization. In this perspective, the company is treated as a “black box”, as a set of factors that will lead to a certain result. This project aims to present a study focused on the perspective of the entrepreneur and his perception about the internationalization process of his company, more specifically, about the factors that contributed to the company’s entry in foreign markets, as well as about the obstacles found in the process . Through an empirical study focused on internationalized companies, it is intended to develop a Theoretical Model that allows measuring the factors inducing the internalization of Portuguese companies and assessing the most frequently encountered difficulties. In addition, we intend to build a portal / website with fundamental information for the internationalization process of Portuguese companies.


Ana Teresa Ferreira

André Pereira Matos

Carla Pereira

Cristina Costa Lobo

Cristina Sousa

Fernando Moreira

Isabel Maldonado

Luís Miguel Pacheco

Natércia Durão

Ricardo Biscaia

Conferência TAKE 2022

TAKE 2022 Theory and Applications in the Knowledge Economy – July, 6th – 8th, Conference (2 days in person and 1 virtual), under the support of the Research Project IEcPBI


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