Energy Management Strategies

Community and (Non)-Residential Energy Management Strategies Considering Virtual Power Plant and Multi-Carriers Systems


The implementation of so-called intelligent mechanisms for the management of the behavior of different consumers connected to an electricity distribution system, or even the efficient management of loads, has received increasing attention due to the needs
and the advent of new loads, or distributed production systems, not designed originally to be implemented in the grid, such as electric vehicles (EVs) or the renewable microgeneration. Also, related with the reliability of power systems, a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) is a
network of power generating units as well as flexible consumers and storage systems. The main aim of a VPP is to coordinate its component to provide a reliable overall power supply and optimally participate in the energy market. While several studies have been
conducted for optimal participation of virtual power plants in the electricity market, few works study VPPs in the multi-carrier energy systems (MCES) where multiple energy sectors are coupled with each other to deliver cost-effective energy services to end users.
Considering the last trends of research, and to cope with the emergency needs of decarbonization of power systems, with higher renewable integration, the main research aims to propose new solutions considering the active participation of end-users, integrate
new markets and strategies to increase the flexibility, resilience, and robustness of power systems in a smart grid (SG) paradigm facing the high integration as well of EVs, developing some solutions that also maximize the profit or comfort in all the market players involved.

Sustainable Development Goals

7. Affordable and Clean Energy

9. Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

11. Sustainable Cities and Communities

12. Responsible Production and Consumption

13. Climate Action

Responsible Researcher

Other Researchers

Sérgio Santos

UPT-REMIT, Portugal

João P.S. Catalão


João C.O. Matias

UA-GOVCOPP, Portugal

Miadreza Shafie-khah

UVaasa, Finland

Mohammad S. Javadi

INESC-TEC, Portugal

Mohamed Lotfi

SYSTEC-ARISE, Clean Watt, Portugal

Farideh Ghanavati

UA-GOVCOPP, Portugal


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Gough, M., Santos, S. F., Lotfi, M., Javadi, M., Osório, G. J., Ashraf, P., Castro, R., & Catalão, J. P. S. (2022). Operation of a technical virtual power plant considering diverse distributed energy resources. IEEE Transactions on Industry Applications, 58(2), 2547-2558.

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