E-Academy of Building Trades - E-learning Platform of Traditional Craftsmanship


Project 2019-1-PT01-KA204-061399

Total Grant: € 293 774,00

‘E-Academy of Building Trades – E-learning Platform of Traditional Craftsmanship’ is a transnational project answering the great need for new, innovative approaches in the education of the craftsmanship related to traditional building methods. The partnership is made of university faculties, adult education providers of building professions, non-governmental organisations being active in the heritage sector and an architectural design studio with the common aim to assemble new, digital type of learning materials helping to revive and maintain these professions as lifetime occupations.

The project primarily targets young people and low-skilled or low-qualified adults, offering them an online accessible, open-access distant learning educational platform that hosts training courses of disappearing architectural professions. The series of short films teach practical skills, hands-on expertise in a structured and illustrative way, providing easily perceivable knowledge for the learners who can be part of a virtual learning community, interacting with the providers of the tutorials and with other students, filling tests about the topics of the courses and receiving certificates at the end of each successful training.

The e-learning platform is designed in a way to be able to host further training courses after the project’s lifetime, being open for further partners, stakeholders and contributors with identical aims. The learning resources can later be combined with any practical training, workshop activities to strengthen the effectiveness of the gained knowledge, skills and competences. The learning modules can be also integrated into existing training of adult education or VET providers or even to special maintenance programmes which help the homeowners to take care of their properties on their own. To help all these initiatives special guidance materials will be assembled to facilitate the continuous further extension of the online academy and to ease the implementation of the video courses to the curricula of the different training institutions throughout Europe.



Planned Outcome

Additionally to the realisation of the project outputs the European Festival of Traditional Building Trades will be organised in all partner countries to popularise the results and the craftsmanship essential for maintaining monument buildings and for the continuation of sustainable architectural solutions for the benefit of the future generations.
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