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Museum and cultural landscape


Museum and Cultural Landscape – ICM Partnership

The main aims of this project are:

  1. To bring together higher education institutions (HEIs) and museums to study the museum as a local stakeholder in a cultural and natural landscape knowledge and protection – conceptual analysis and scan of best practices;
  2. To understand the role of museum on tourism as a partner integrated on landscape and the impact it has on local and regional economy to identify gaps on behavior and needed skills - conceptual analysis and scan of best practices and impacts study;
  3. To recognize the main skills to develop a conscious creation of innovation in museums as cultural instruments of identity.


  1. Conceptualizing and analyzing the museum and cultural landscape and identity integration: debate around concepts and practices;
  2. Identifying skills and qualification gaps on museums staff formation;
  3. Knowing, redirecting, re-training and updating of skills and qualifications on museums;
  4. Translating to the course curriculum the skills and qualifications identified as profile for the formation and training in the museology area.



University Jinggangshan, Ji’an, Republic of China

Universidade Portucalense (UPT)



Isabel Vaz de Freitas (IR)

Yang Qinglin (co-IR)

Joana Quintela

Fátima Silva

Nuno Farinhote


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