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Water, landscape and sustainable tourism

Water is a vital resource now and in the future. Water is a cultural and natural element present in all societies and landscapes assuming different characteristics in the fields of tangible and intangible heritage. It is a major presence in all territories and a relevant component of the economy. It is characterized by the diversity of human action assuring people and places their own identity. Forgot in towns that do not plan the water in the territory. This research envisages answering to the following main question: how to develop an integrated approach of water, tourism and cultural landscape aiming to protect water as an essential resource for the present and for the future generations? This project is multidisciplinary and collaborative research. It includes a concerted process in the field of water, cultural and natural landscapes. This project concerns about a reflexive society, cultural heritage, identity, and sharing values.

The main goals of the project are:



Isabel Vaz de Freitas (IR)

Rodrigo Burkowski (Co-IR)

Helena Albuquerque

Fabrício Brito Silva

Makhabbat Ramazanova


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