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Urban Landscape

This project intends to discuss the relationship between tourism and the urban landscape, opening a dialogue around the creation of comparative dynamics between cities (Seville. Malaga, Ouro Preto, Guimarães, among others). The urban landscape has been analysed and studied by several authors under different perspectives.

In this case, we are interested in studying the landscape of Porto and Guimarães, cities that are experiencing a a rise in tourist’s numbers. We intent to diagnose the local resident’s perceptions about the landscape of the Historic Centre and reflect on tourist impacts motivated by the growth of its visitors and the highly intensive use of public spaces.

This diagnosis will be an important dialogue basis regarding processes of urban landscape improvement and will allow reflection on the normative discourses that managers intend to materialize.

More specifically, the project aims to:

a) Deepen the theoretical and conceptual framework of relations between landscape, heritage and tourism, centered in the city as a tourist space.

b) Collect information at national and international level, and conduct a comparative analysis of the regulations on the historical part of the urban landscape, especially in cities with intense tourist flows.

c) Diagnose the conflicts generated in the relation between tourism and urban landscape, pointing out impacts on heritage derived by the tourism movement.

d) Evaluate the value of the landscape of urban tourist destinations for the competitiveness.

e) Find out the differences and commonalities in the perception and evaluation of urban landscapes among residents and visitors.

f) Perform a practical application detailing the methodological aspects mentioned in specific sectors of the historical urban centers of Oporto, Seville and Malaga, selected as case studies.

g) Propose strategic guidelines on the treatment of this issue.



Isabel Vaz de Freitas (IR)

Cristina Sousa

Jorge Marques

Susana Ribeiro

Sidal Yasar

Makhabbat Ramazanova

Alfonso Tabales (Universidade de Sevilha)

Rodrigo Burkowsky (Universidade de Ouro Preto)

Marcelo Carnavale (USP)


Project outputs:

Freitas, I. V., Marques, J., Ribeiro, S., & Yasar, S. (2017). Urban landscape and tourism in the Historic Centre of Porto: The perception of residents. In K. Bìrdìr (dir.), The Proceeding Book First International Congress on Future of Tourism: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and sustentainability (Futourism 2017), Mersin, Turkey, 28-30 sept.2017 (pp. 1626-1642). [+]

Freitas, I. V, Marques, J., Rodrigues, C. A., & Sousa, C. (2018). Urban landscape quality management and monitoring: A methodological proposal to study the case of Porto, Portugal. In I. S. Rosa, J. C. Lopes, R. Ribeiro, & A. Mendes (Eds), Handbook of Research on Methods and Tools for Assessing Cultural Landscape Adaptation (chapter 16, pp. 396-413). [+]

Freitas, I. V., Sousa, C., Marques, J. Ribeiro, S., Yasar, S., & Pires, H. (2019). Tourism in Porto's Historic Centre: Analysing risks and safeguarding of the landscape. In C. Sousa, I. V. Freitas, & J. Marques (eds.), Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on Tourism Research, University Portucalense, Porto, Portugal, 14-15 March 2019 (pp. 345-360). [+]

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